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Waypoints - August 2024

Get the tips for a rewarding home refresh.

Finance: Why it Pays to Declutter Your Home Before Selling

Unlock the secret to selling your home faster and for more money. This simple checklist can make a big difference.

Maximize Your Value

At Home: How to Organize Your Garage (and reclaim your parking spot!)

Let’s get that garage back to what it was intended for! Make way for your car while also using every inch of storage space.


VIPs Park Here

Wellness: Simplify Your Life by Tackling These 3 Clutter Culprits

Clutter can weigh you down and prevent you from feeling your best. See how you can easily achieve “no mess, no stress” with these decluttering methods.

Goodbye, Clutter!

Recipe: Strawberry Frosty Lemonade

Treat yourself to a frost-kissed drink after all that organizing. You've earned it!

Servings: 4. Ingredients: 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 pint strawberry sorbet, 1.5 cups lemonade. Preparation: 1, Add the strawberries, sorbet, and lemonade into a blender. 2, blend until smooth. 3, drink immediately or freeze for 30 minutes to eat with a spoon

Recipe provided by Tasty.


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