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Simplify Your Life by Tackling These 3 Clutter Culprits

A smiling woman, holding a folded blanket. Two cardboard boxes are in front of her, one labeled "Donation"

Right now, it’s likely that your home is a jumble of stuff, which can weigh you down both mentally and physically. But by tackling these three crucial areas, you can lighten the load and simplify your life.

A well-organized, modern closet

1. Clothes and shoes

Everyone can use a seasonal closet clean-out. For growing kids, weed out any clothing or shoes that don’t fit and make a shopping list of school-year needs. For your own wardrobe, take an honest inventory of what you don’t wear anymore and refer to the box and banish method below. Be ruthless! You dumped your high school hairdo, so dump those retro clothes that left with the boy bands.

Jarred beans, salt, and spices

2. Kitchen and pantry

Meal planning aside, a clutter-free kitchen is the first step to efficient cooking. Purge expired or unused packaged foods that can be thrown out or donated to a shelter. Organize your remaining goods to avoid buying duplicates. Clean and wipe down your fridge and freezer row by row, getting rid of any unwanted items. Now, you’re set up to stock fresh snacks, try new meals, and store frozen entrees. Look forward to dinnertime with less mess and no stress.

two hands, holding a wicker basket with pump bottles of soap and lotion in it. Folded towels and rolls of toilet paper are in the background.

3. Bathroom items

Squeeze out the last of those shampoo and conditioner bottles! Get rid of excess hair products, soaps, and any other toiletries that you no longer use. Check your first-aid cabinet for any expired medicines, and restock over-the-counter pain and cold relievers before flu season. Your physical and mental condition go hand in hand, and your overall health is the key to happiness.


The “Box and Banish” Decluttering System

This effective method is a simple strategy aimed at breaking your belongings into three categories. Go through each of the above areas in your house with a box for the following items:

Keep: place in their newly designated spots after you finish decluttering. Get rid of- Bag any items you'd like to donate or take to the curb on trash day. Store: Box up keepsakes or seasonal items you'll want in the future and move them to the closet, basement, or attic.


By decluttering these major areas, you’ll reduce everyday stress and create a peaceful living environment for the rest of the year. Just don’t feel like you have to do it all in one swoop. Each room you declutter will feel like a weight off your shoulders, so take your time and enjoy the transition into your simpler life.


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