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Why It Pays to Declutter Your Home Before Selling

Plus, Tips for Getting Started

A clean, organized living room

We’ve all felt that mental boost when we finish decluttering a room or cleaning out a closet. In fact, studies have shown that an organized home increases happiness, and you can’t put a price on happiness. Except when you can … like when you’re selling your house.

According to Consumer Reports, removing clutter from your home can increase its value by 3% to 5%.

Decluttering makes your home look bigger, shows off its best features, helps buyers envision their lives in the home, and sets the stage for better listing photos, which draws more buyers' interest.

Decluttering your whole house may be a big task, so break your goal into smaller steps. And before you get started, take a minute to acknowledge that even with a solid plan, this might be emotionally challenging. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from supportive family or friends, or consider hiring a professional organizer.

When you’re ready to go, here are some of the hotspots to hit.

An entryway with a decorative bench, pillows, and coathooks

  • Toss old catalogs and mail.

  • Pack out-of-season coats, outerwear, and sports equipment.

  • Store pet accessories out of sight.

  • Add hooks and bins for items like coats and backpacks.

  • Set up a place to stash shoes out of sight. This could be a storage bench or ottoman, or just a covered basket or bin.

Living Room

  • Pack up personal items like photos, mementos, and most decorative items.

  • Set up a basket or bin for toys.

  • Donate or sell unwanted DVDs, games, and books.

  • Ask your real estate agent what furniture, rugs, and home décor best show off your home. If possible, pack everything else and store offsite.


A clean, beautiful modern kitchen
  • Clean out the fridge and pantry. Toss expired food and spices.

  • Donate unopened, unneeded canned and boxed food to a foodbank.

  • Clear any items posted on the fridge’s exterior (like mail or kids’ drawings).

  • Empty one cupboard at a time, then:

    • Toss broken items or unmatched containers and lids.

    • Donate items you don’t use.

    • Pack everything you don’t need before the move.

    • Stack the remaining items neatly where they belong.

  • Use newly freed cabinet space to store items currently on the counters.


  • Empty each cabinet and:

    • Toss expired beauty products.

    • Take expired or unneeded medicine to a pharmacy for disposal.

    • Donate unopened, unwanted toiletries to a homeless shelter.

    • Pack what won’t be needed before the move.

    • Put back the remaining items. Use clear storage boxes to maximize space.

  • Pare down items in the shower to only what’s used daily.

A white-painted bedroom with a clean, well-made bed.

  • Empty each closet and dresser. (You don’t have to do all at the same time!)

    • Toss or recycle anything that’s damaged.

    • Donate anything that’s not wanted or doesn’t fit.

    • Put back what will be needed before the move.

    • Pack the rest.

  • As in the living room, pack photos and other personal decorative items.

  • Pack bedding not currently needed.

  • Sort through toys and other kids’ items. Discard or donate unwanted items.


  • Assume buyers will want to park in the garage, even if you don’t.

  • Use the toss/donate/pack formula to remove everything you can.

  • Use wall hooks, pegboards, and shelves to get remaining items off the ground. This maximizes space and also makes it easy to sweep before showings!


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