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Quiz: Which Landscape Design Style Should You Choose?

There’s a Style for Every Personality!

Sure, you could spend a lot of time walking around your local garden center and reading up on horticulture to determine your ideal landscape, but wouldn’t you rather take a very scientific (and not at all silly) quiz? Pull up a lawn chair and find out what backyard style is right for you!

When you want to splurge on a fancy restaurant, what treat are you looking for?

A. Scones with jam and clotted cream

B. Sushi

C. Second Breakfast

D. Local farm-to-table specialties

Movie time! You have a theater auditorium all to yourself. What is the projectionist cueing up?

A. “Pride and Prejudice”

B. “Spirited Away”

C. “The Lord of the Rings”

D. “Dazed and Confused”

Your favorite color is:

A. Lavender

B. Crimson

C. Forest green

D. Azure

If you could be anything you wanted, you would be:

A. Heir or heiress to a comfortable fortune (Work is for common folk.)

B. A samurai warrior (Your work brings honor to your land.)

C. Conservationist. (Your work is to protect the land.)

D. Matthew McConaughey (Work is alright, alright, alright!)



Add up your number of A, B, C, and D answers. Here’s what they say about you:

If you chose mostly A’s, your landscape style is English Garden — You see yourself sipping Earl Grey among trellised vines, perfectly trimmed shrubs, roses galore, and overflowing beds of delphiniums, lavender, and foxglove. And if Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy wander in, well … so much the better.

If you chose mostly B’s, your landscape style is Japanese Garden — Peace. Tranquility. Harmony. Your landscape promotes serene contemplation with natural elements like stone paths, rock gardens, koi ponds, and bamboo accents. Your yard is your oasis, where you recharge from the bustle of the world.

If you chose mostly C’s, your landscape style is Woodland Landscape — To the untrained eye, your landscape evolved from nature, with no human help. With shady trees, lush groundcover, and maybe a stone birdbath or bench, your yard looks like a place where fairies or Hobbits could appear at any moment. (And you would welcome the visit!)

If you chose mostly D’s, your landscape style is Xeriscape — When you spend time in your yard, you want to be relaxing, not weeding, watering, and planting. You favor environmentally friendly landscaping with native plants that are drought- and pest-resistant. Your prized possession is your hammock, where you enjoy all the time you’re not spending on your yard.


Now that you know what landscape suits you, do you need help understanding financing options to build your perfect backyard? Reach out to me for help!


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