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Marketing Your Home for an Off-Season Sale

You may have heard that spring and summer are the best time to sell a house, because parents don’t like to move their children during the school year. But an estimated 69% of homebuyers don’t have kids under 18 in their household, and that means that with the right approach, you can sell your home any time of the year.[1] Use these strategies to create hot demand for your home, no matter how cold the weather!

1. Choose your real estate agent wisely. Start by asking your friends and family for referrals, and then compare agents online to see their experience, services, and customer reviews. Interview at least three agents and ask for specific examples of how they market off-season sales.

2. Price your home right. The biggest mistake you can make in any season is to overprice your home and plan to haggle down if needed. If you have to cut the asking price later or the home sits on the market too long, buyers will assume there’s something wrong with the property, and no curb appeal will overcome their reluctance.

3. Take pictures now. If you’re even thinking about selling in the next few months, get professional pictures done now while the grass is green and trees are in full leaf. If you miss that window, include online pictures (or a photo album for showings) that show your home in spring and summer.

4. Stage strategically. The more appealing and move-in ready your home looks, the easier it will be to turn lookers into buyers. In fall and winter, that means minimizing challenges of limited daylight and drabber landscapes while taking advantage of seasonal atmosphere.

  • Mulch all exterior beds and accentuate with inexpensive fall plants that can be easily swapped out if they succumb to the elements.

  • Add landscape lighting to brighten the exterior for late-afternoon or evening showings.

  • Maximize light throughout the house. Remove screens and make sure windows are spotless. Before showings, turn on all lights (including closets) and add floor lamps to dark corners. To really make your house shine (no pun intended), test out lightbulbs to find the right brightness and hues (warm or cool) for each room.

  • Check for drafty windows and doors, and reseal as needed.

  • Have your heating system serviced to ensure it’s operating optimally.

  • Make your home irresistibly cozy! Scatter extra throw pillows and blankets in seasonal patterns. Bake an apple pie or pumpkin muffins before showings, or just simmer water with a few drops of vanilla. Don’t go overboard on holiday-specific decorations like Halloween or Christmas, because you want buyers to be able to picture this as their year-round home. But do use seasonal accents and subtle touches to appeal to their holiday mood. (Think a fall-leaf wreath or simple evergreen boughs with white lights.)


If you’re moving this season and need financing options for a new home, reach out to me!

[1] National Association of Realtors®, 2022 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report.


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