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Design & Architecture Edition

There are so many factors that influence housing design. From changes in the social and economic landscape to groundbreaking advances in art and architecture, home design is ever-changing and evolving. Read on to learn about architectural trends old and new, and to explore how circumstances are changing what we want from our homes — and how they will look moving forward.

We’ve had plenty of time to spend in our homes and figure out what’s working for us and what’s not — and lack of privacy and quiet are spurring some fundamental changes.

Meet six architects whose aesthetics and vision have shaped not only the architecture we have today but also trends in art and design around the world.

Architecture in the U.S. has carved a unique path, adapting to the terrain, climate, and the needs of Americans through the ages. Take a look at some of the grand styles of the past and see if you can spot elements of them in today’s eclectic buildings.

Whether you need a home office, a retreat from a crowded abode, or a place for grandma to live out her golden years, an ADU might be the answer.

If you can’t get out to the gym, then bring the gym home!


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