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5 Ways to Elevate Your Home's Decor Right Now

Redecorating can be so fun! It’s especially great if you’re one for keeping up on the hottest new trends, as items are easy to find and often very affordable. We scoured the internet to find the top trends in home décor for 2018. Thanks to Houzz, HuffPost, House Beautiful, Pantone, PopSugar, HGTV, and Pinterest for educating us on the en vogue home fashions of the year!


Everyone agrees bright colors are back, with red as a particular standout. Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet, and lavender and lilac also make a strong showing as a natural evolution from Millennial Pink, one of last year’s favorites. High-contrast accents, especially black and white, are on trend, as are multiple shades of a single warm color, which adds depth and texture. A few experts are looking to the 1970s for inspiration in color, especially in greens.


Velvet is back! After a brief hiatus, it’s once again a hot textile for chairs, sofas, bed coverings, and headboards. Fringe is also looking like it’s going to be big this year — yep, that ’70s retro style is creeping back into our homes.


Copper comes out of the kitchen and into the living room in the form of accent tables, bowls, candlesticks, and lighting fixtures, in keeping with the popularity of red this year. Brass is also a top choice.


Windowpane is a leader in 2018, as popular patterns go big and bold. Florals are also back, in contrasting colors that again bring in a retro/’70s vibe. Circles push out triangles as the hot geometric shape. Intricate geometric shapes will be found on wallpaper, backsplashes, accent walls, wall art, throws, and pillows.


Kitchens are going super-colorful, which is great if you’re a messy cook who leaves a lot of stains around! Farmhouse sinks remain popular, but they’re metal and stone rather than porcelain. Backsplashes have picked up the geometrics trend.

Are you ready to embrace the retro and dive into the hottest home décor trends of the year? If you’re interested in making some big changes, contact your loan officer to discuss financing options that will bring your house into 2018 style!

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