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What Kind of Host Are You?


Best host ever: 14+

You’re rocking it at this hospitality thing. You know how to make people feel at home and show guests a good time, but you also know that entertaining is about enjoying each other’s company (translation: you don’t let the pressure of hosting distract you from the moment.) Martha Stewart would be proud (and so would your mom). Keep up the good work!


Runner up: 10-13

You get the gist of being hospitable, but you don’t go above and beyond to make guests feel extra special. And the idea of hosting sometimes stresses you out, which shows through in how you interact with guests. To give your guests an unforgettable experience, focus on the little details. And remember: If you’re not having a good time, they’re probably not either.


Host in training: 9 or less

Being a host isn’t your forte (at least not yet). Chances are, your guests feel like an inconvenience, but they probably won’t tell you. If you want to leave a good impression and encourage your guests to come back, you have to put their needs first. Make sure your space is clean, that they have a designated place to stay, and that you’ve provided everything they need to feel right at home, whether that’s for a cocktail party or an overnight visit.

Happy Hosting!

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