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New Home Edition

If you know exactly what your home should look like, where it should be, and every feature it must have, but you can’t seem to find it anywhere, then it could be time to build your own. This quarter in Waypoints, we’re sharing insights into new-home construction, from market trends to homebuilding ideas and considerations.

Can new construction fill the gaps in our housing supply? We explore the challenges facing the residential construction market, as well as the progress being made to meet the demand for more homes.


You want to create your custom dream home, but how do you even start? These five important questions will help you decide if you’re ready to take on this challenging — but so rewarding! — task.


Prefabricated (prefab) homes have come a long way. Now available in lots of styles and building materials, they’re becoming a hot alternative to traditional stick-built homes. Dive into the different types of prefab construction and get to know their pros and cons.


Do you daydream of a home that contains the latest in modern luxury and entertainment? Check out these seven features every dream home should have.


A healthier home is a happier home, and if you’re building one from scratch, you’ve got the opportunity to create a healthier living space from the ground up. From whole-house humidifiers to low-VOC paint, we’ve got the goods on building an eco-friendly dwelling.


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