June 26, 2019

Americans are spending more on home remodeling than ever before. From 2010 to 2017, spending on residential improvements and maintenance jumped over 50%, reaching a new high of $424 billion.[1] And the upward trend is expected to continue. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), remodeling spending for owner-occupied single-family homes is expected to increase 1.6% in 2019 and another 1.1% in 2020.[2]

What’s driving the renovations?

Despite the fact that we’d all love to have an HGTV dream home, today’s home makeovers are less about wants and more about needs.

The nation’s housing supply is growing older. Nearly 40% of America’s homes have been around for at least 50 years, and new construction is not keeping pace to replace the older homes on the market.1 Consequently, owners have turned to remodeling to bring their homes up to modern standards.

Which projects are people prioritizing? 

As the chart...

June 26, 2019

Wish you could take a trip around the world? If that’s not in the cards for you anytime soon, why not bring a bit of the world home? Borrowing design trends from other countries and cultures can result in a living space that looks like no other and completely reflects you!

We’re exploring classic and hot interior design trends from countries across the globe. Take a look, get inspired, and feel like a world traveler — all from the comfort of your newly redecorated home!

Middle East 

Combining Arabic, Moroccan, and Berber designs, classic Middle Eastern homes feature tiled mosaics, geometric patterns, and carved wood. Windows and doorways are often arched, and colors are deep and heavily saturated. Draped textiles are also common in North African and Middle Eastern homes.[1] Recently, décor has trended toward lighter colors and a turn toward more natural textiles and textures. Green is popular, as are live plants inside...

June 26, 2019

Nothing says stylish home, stylish host like a perfectly arranged charcuterie board filled with samplings of cheeses, meats, fruits, and other tasty morsels. They make it easy to impress guests and are even easier to put together. To create a charcuterie board for your next soiree, try these ingredients, or choose your own in similar categories. Offer a combination of textures and flavors to keep it interesting (slice meats in different thicknesses, offer crackers and soft breads). Remember to complement salty with creamy and sweet with sour or tangy. And have fun!

PRO TIP: When setting up your board, remember the saying “we eat with our eyes first.” Make it beautiful and inviting! Use little ramekins to hold pickled onions, olives, and nuts. Infuse color throughout with your fruits and spreads. Fill in spaces on the board with crackers, seeds, and edible flowers. Slice some of the meats and leave others for guests to...

June 26, 2019

You study the IKEA catalog, or Country Living, or Dwell, oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous rooms, sumptuous fabrics, and stunning décor. How do you get your own magazine-worthy space? With a complete makeover and a redesign from top to bottom! If you don’t know where to begin, don’t fret.

Here are seven easy steps to decorating any room in your home. Before you get started, try to empty the room completely. It’s much easier to decorate if you have a blank canvas upon which to spread your personality! If not, don’t worry; it will all come together in the end..

Function over form. 

Start with the room’s purpose. If it’s the living room, what do you do most there? Netflix and chill? Host cocktail parties? For bedrooms, do you want to create a tranquil sleep sanctuary or a romantic hideaway? Do you have kids and/or pets? These will be important considerations when you’re choosing floor coverings and furniture and deciding...

June 26, 2019

It’s not as easy as it looks to turn a home into a cohesive space where the colors, layout, and furnishings work together in perfect harmony. Aside from the expert DIY-ers among us, a lot of homeowners find this task to be pretty daunting, and the thought of hiring a designer to wave a magic wand sounds like a much better alternative to going it alone. From the investment of your time to the investment of your finances, you want to be sure any design projects are done right the first time. If you’re considering giving your space a makeover, here’s why hiring an interior designer might be well worth the money.

Designers vs. Decorators: There are interior designers, and then there are interior decorators. A designer will interview you about the use of the room, study your habits, draw up plans that may include remodeling, and will build you a room from the floorboards up. They may or may not decorate the space, depending...

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